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Leadership Team Report for September 2010

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The Leadership Team met on 4th September, chaired by Helene as Cady was not feeling well, though she did attend. All the Team was present at the meeting.

Work is continuing on the analysis of the survey results from last year. We now have some pie charts representing the responses of community members where they were given five choices. We are currently completing the list of ideas generated by the many discussions that were held after services and in individual responses. Joyous has noted that we have already implemented the ideas in some cases. Once we have all the information together we will make it into a blog post so that we can consult our members on what should be the priorities for our ministry, based on the survey information.

We have a notecard which is given to new visitors and will be available from a dispenser which can be placed on land owned or rented by our members. Currently we are working on improving some of the wording to make it clearer and also explaining better what kind of behaviour we expect of people on our sim. The sim is felt by many to be a safe and peaceful place and we want to keep it that way so that all who visit it may enjoy what it offers.

The Friday socials continue to be popular, with many avatars dressing in keeping with the theme. If anyone is interested in helping to host the events do get in touch with us. We are hoping to plan further in advance to give time for outfits to be created for those who wish to go with the theme. Of course, anyone is welcome to attend without dressing in a special way, as long as the outfit is PG! We hope to have a subcribe-o-matic available purely to give notice of social events on Epiphany for those who would appreciate this.

Work on the prayer stations for the labyrinth is in its final stages. The first set of material is written and will be in place shortly. We hope to change the content of the prayer stations at various points in the year. Hopefully the labyrinth will be a welcome addition to the spiritual life of some of our members. If you have any questions, do ask Able Shepherd who is taking this project forward.

We hope to offer a listening course to a limited number of people as a pilot over 10 weeks. We feel it is important to iron out any difficulties while coping with low numbers before beginning a course with bigger numbers. This may well be an Alpha course. No further decision has been made about restarting the discussion group.

As you will have read elsewhere on our blog, Bishop Tom Brown of Wellington NZ came to the Sunday service on 12 September to preach. It was a wonderful occasion which we all enjoyed very much. Sometime in the future there should be a video and audio record of the occasion available. We are grateful to Symmetry and dove who are helping to make this possible.

A significant amount of time was spent discussing the Leadership Team structure as suggested in the draft constitution document. We agreed to move to the new structure which spreads the responsibilities further on the Team. Full details of the responsibilities of each role on the Team still need working out in detail but broadly the situation is this:

Helene Milena remains as Pastor and, as in RL churches, will chair meetings of the Leadership Team.
Revd Gareth Janus is now Vice-chair. He will cover for the absence of the Pastor.
Cady Enoch is Churchwarden with responsibility for all issues of land and buildings plus working to support in practical ways to enable our ministry to flourish.
Patapon Monday is now the Treasurer, working through an alt, Rua Elan. She takes on this role from Tithe Sixpence, a treasurer alt of Cady Enoch.
ZoeRose Eiren is now Secretary, taking on this role from Helene Milena.

These five form the Standing Committee which can make emergency decisions on behalf of the Leadership Team if necessary. A minimum of two members of this committee should meet to make a decision.
Recognising that much of the expertise needed to run our sim resides in Cady, work is now going on to cross train other members of the Team so that our vulnerability is reduced.

We recognise that currently we are below the number of members on the Leadership Team which is suggested. It will be necessary to invite more members to join at some point in the future. The ministry takes a lot of work and spreading the load makes sense.

Discussions continue to be held in an ongoing way using a Google Group. We have discussed our Mission Statement which is the Group Charter in SL. The wording of this determines how people find us using Search. We are trying to find wording that will enable as many people as possible who might appreciate being part of an Anglican church in SL to find us. Our discussion has not yet concluded.

Amidst rising tension in the world, we held a special commemoration in the Cathedral on the 9th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in America. The time between midnight SLT on 9/11 to midnight on 10/11 was kept as a time of prayer in the Cathedral. A selection of prayers for peace was provided for those who found them helpful and the Cathedral was decorated with peace lilies. Doves were added to the Peace Garden also. There was a short service at 2pm SLT with prayers for peace.

Shortly we shall have to consider the times of services as DST begins or ends in various places. Australia and NZ have already changed to DST. At the end of October the UK and Europe will revert back from DST and a week later the USA will follow suit. Do watch out carefully for time changes to services. It’s always a fraught period in our calendar but we will do our best to keep you informed.

As usual, we are happy to receive any comments and suggestions you may have about our ministry.

Helene Milena


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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