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Leadership Team Report August 2010

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Things have moved slowly in our deliberations since I last reported. I suppose it happens when many in the northern hemisphere are at a time of taking summer breaks.

I had hoped to be able to publish the results of the survey from last year but that is not yet possible. All I can do is apologise and hope I can soon post the information.

The new developments around the sim have been well received. We had a commissioning service, reported on earlier, in which we walked or teleported to various places and prayed. We gained some sheep in the Peace Garden and now have Barney the dog who wanders and gives everyone a friendly greeting.

The socials in the Community Center have been great fun. It’s an excellent excuse to dress up and exercise creativity. The Flower Power theme last week was variously interpreted as you can see from the picture. The Prom theme the week before saw avatars wearing wonderful dresses and suits. Each week is a new challenge to those organising to come up with a good theme but there are lots of possible ideas. We now have two times, 12.30-2.30pm and 8-10pm. We hope to eventually have more hosts for these events so if you’re interested in helping, do let us know. Meanwhile, everyone is very welcome to enjoy the dancing and swimming at other times as well as during the socials.

We have been discussing the various plans for new activities on the sim and elsewhere and hope that over the next few weeks these will gradually begin.

Bishop Tom Brown of Wellington New Zealand, who licensed Mark Brown as our first priest in charge, has now come in world and we’re pleased to announce that he can walk around and sit down very well indeed! His avatar name is Kea Cedrus so if you see him around do make him welcome. Bishop Tom will be preaching at our noon SLT service on Sunday 12th September. Do put the date in your diaries and come and join us at the Cathedral for this historic occasion.

The discussion here on our blog about the proposed constitution for Anglicans of Second Life along with the comments that the Leadership Team has made on the document we were sent by Bishop Christopher and Rupert Bursell have been sent back to Guildford to be considered as the document is adjusted further. The Team will be considering the roles of members for the proposed structure given in the draft document.

We recently had a visit from around 30 students who were studying religion online. The group attended Evening Prayer and then spent some time asking many very good and penetrating questions of Cady Enoch and Helene Milena. It was hard work to have so many questions fired at us but a very good experience which we gather was also enjoyed by the students.

Until recently we had a Relay for Life kiosk on the sim. There is now a P2P kiosk (Pixel to Pixel). This charity helps those with disabilities by providing them with grants in L$. We are committed as a ministry to supporting charities by raising money in world.

The Team has been considering the various items which were mentioned in the keynote address by Philip Linden at this year’s SL Community Convention. Two changes which may impact us in terms of who comes to Epiphany Island are the closing of the Teen Grid and doing away with Orientation Island. We are considering how to provide more help for inexperienced newcomers and what impact younger members may have.

The Team will be meeting on Saturday 4th September in world. If there is any matter you would like us to consider, do let us know.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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