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True riches

Approached by a man who wanted him to arbitrate in a family inheritance dispute, Jesus took the opportunity to teach about the danger of greed and the need to be rich towards God rather than towards ourselves. He told a parable about a rich man who found himself in possession of a bumper harvest and needed to decide how to handle it. He made the mistake of only thinking from his own selfish point of view rather than looking at it from God’s point of view. This is a trap that so many of us in the richer countries of the world can so easily fall into.

This passage was discussed by several of our community at our regular Sunday Bible study starting at 10.30am SLT (led this week by Joyous Schism) and then was the topic of my reflection (reproduced below) at the noon SLT service which followed.

The readings were Psalm 49:1-12, Colossians 3:1-11 and Luke 12:13-21.

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