The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Leadership Team Report for June 2010

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The Leadership Team met on Saturday 26 June with the main focus being the development of our ministry. Within this remit we covered several topics.

The information from last year’s survey has been thoroughly examined and a summary of the findings should be ready for publication in the next two weeks. We will be looking for any trends in what was said by members of the community. The survey has already informed our action in the past year and will continue to do so as further details emerge. This work is being undertaken by Joyous Schism.

In order to publicise our ministry further Cady Enoch has created a notecard dispenser which gives out information about Epiphany and what goes on there. This is free to copy and we encourage members of the community to place one where they live. A copy is available in the Welcome Centre of the Community Center behind the Cathedral.

The notice boards have been changed and made clearer. Some information is now in the Welcome Center. Information about contacting those on our prayer team has also been simplified.

There has been a lot of work done on the sim recently. The Cathedral now has a new north door which gives easy access to the Parish House and the new Community Center (formerly Conference Center). There are now two chapels within the Cathedral, a Lady Chapel to the south and St Joseph’s Chapel by the north door. We have new tiny seating in both the Cathedral and the Meditation Chapel.

The Community Center has been designed for dancing, swimming, watching videos, playing games and socialising. There is also a designated area for anyone to use to get changed, rez objects or access useful information to help with the steep learning curve associated with coming in world.

The paved areas around the Cathedral are having a makeover with walls being replaced by railings and more planting done. Many find our animal friends to be fascinating. Easter the rabbit is particularly friendly. You may now find more animals if you wander around the sim.

A new activity on the sim is the Friday social which runs from 8-10pm SLT on the roof of the Community Center. Two events have been held so far, a wings party and a pool party. Both have been very well received. Do come along and bring your friends. If you have ideas for events please let Patapon Monday know.

We hope in the future to host events for the European time zone. There will also be excursions to concerts, shops and places of interest. Do look out for IMs and notecards advertising these. If you know of places where you think a group would enjoy visiting, please let ZoeRose Eiren know.

The labyrinth to the south west of the Cathedral has now been replaced with a new design. In the next few weeks there will be prayer stations created which will aid meditation. These will be changed as different seasons of the church year come round. Able Shepherd is working with Charlie12String Lax and Joyous Schism to create the meditations. If you have a theme which you might like to be explored in this way, do contact Able.

Helene Milena and ZoeRose Eiren are exploring the practicalities of running a course in Christian discipleship in world, Alpha or something similar. It is our hope that we can run different courses over time to help members of AoSL grow in their faith. We recognise that people are at different stages in their faith journey and may appreciate different courses. We are also planning to run a listening skills course, initially for a small pilot group and then more generally.

We hope to reintroduce the Discussion Group on the sim. It is likely to run monthly not weekly and will be open to all. On occasion we may be able to invite an expert to come and tell us about some aspect of Christianity and then answer questions. The Discussion Group was very much enjoyed by many people and is missed so we are keen to make it available again. If you have ideas for topics or speakers, please contact Charlie12String Lax who is taking this matter forward.

We hope to have some special services at the Cathedral in the next few weeks. All the new items on the sim will be commissioned in a service which involves walking around the sim and praying at different points. We hope to be able to run this on two occasions to allow more people to attend. There will be another prayer walk around the sim also. Another idea is a healing service. Bishop Tom of Wellington has agreed to preach for us. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet someone who has been very supportive of our ministry from the beginning.

We realise that it’s not easy to interact on the SLangcath blog. We are looking at the possibility of having a forum where members can begin or contribute to discussions, thus allowing asynchronous communication. This is in the early stages of being explored. It’s been suggested that a resources section be added to the blog with useful websites, book reviews etc.

The level of donations to our ministry is causing concern. Currently we are collecting under half of what we need each month. Tithe Sixpence our Treasurer alt will be providing a budget statement in the coming weeks giving more details of income and expenditure and a projection into the future. Obviously if we don’t collect enough in donations we will not be able to pay our tier fee next year.

There are some items which have occurred during the month other than in the Leadership Team meeting.

The meeting regarding our constitution took place in Guildford UK and the document is now being considered by ecclesiastical lawyers. Bishop Christopher Hill of Guildford is putting together a theological background paper on our ministry and the particular issues and questions it presents us with which we hope will be ready in the summer. We are very grateful to Bishop Christopher and the many others who are supportive of our ministry.

Our Fundraiser, Snerbert Sands, has resigned from the Leadership Team due to real life commitments. We are grateful for his contributions to our discussions in the past and wish him well in his RL enterprises.

We continue to be contacted on a fairly regular basis by those who are interested in learning more about our ministry. We have fairly regular opportunities to address groups of people about what we do. We also help those who are studying the ministry of Anglicans of Second Life for academic papers and books.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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