The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Leadership Team Report May 2010

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In the last couple of weeks the Team has been tackling the complex matter of the proposed legal documents which would allow us to register as a charity in the UK. This is necessary if we are to be able to apply for grants to help pay for our ministry and also to help establish us as part of our quest to be recognized as a part of the Anglican Communion. We hope if we can get this worked out in the UK we may be able to do the same in other parts of the world. The document will be looked at by Bishop Christopher of Guildford and Rupert Bursell, and ecclesiastical lawyer, so that we can benefit from their advice.

In the process of our discussions we have gained headaches from all the complexities and we have mused over what would be desirable in the document in order to be as flexible as possible in the future. We have looked at the structure of the Leadership Team itself and at the possibility of new roles within it. We had already begun to consider what qualities Christian leaders should have using this website to inform us We are likely now to begin to look at job descriptions for the new roles, and for existing ones, something that has not really been committed to a document before.

Last year we conducted a detailed survey of members of the Anglican group in SL and had many interesting discussions. The initial facts and figures were published but our hope has always been to publish far more detail. Sadly circumstances seem to have conspired against us until now. We are hopeful that much more detail will be shared with the community in a short while. There is a huge amount of information to look through but it will be a very valuable exercise and will help to inform our priorities. I think it’s fair to say that the survey has already done this and that when we look over what we have been doing in the last year, much of it is in line with what the survey suggested.

We are continuing to look at ways to develop our ministry further. We would like to begin a discussion group again in some form, and enjoy some more social events together. We also have a team looking at the development of the labyrinth so that it is more effective. We continue to look at the way our buildings help to serve our ministry and ways to adapt them to improve their usefulness.

We realize we are fortunate to have a wonderful sim and are keen to increase the use of it. To this end we have already agreed in principle that other churches may use our facilities if this would be of help to them. We are currently looking further at how this would work in practice.

As always, we are happy to hear any suggestions from members on any of these topics or on others.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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