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Leadership Team Report April 2010


This report covers the period from 10th March to date. There has been no real time Leadership Team meeting in this period.

On 14th March the Murder Victims Memorial dedication took place on Wandering Angel Island The service was very well attended. It was a privilege to be asked to dedicate this memorial.

Members of the Prayer Team and others continue to meet each Friday at 2.30pm SLT, usually in the Meditation Chapel. We recognize that we each need prayer support if we are to pray with others in times of need. The time together usually starts with a passage of Scripture or a reading from a spiritual writer which helps us begin to listen to God. We lift the Anglicans of SL community to God as well as bringing anything else to God in prayer. The prayer time is led by Able Shepherd.

In the last report I stated that we hoped to begin building a team to lead the US compline service. We have had Joyous Schism helping out on Wednesdays as Caoilin Galthie had RL commitments for a period. Other plans to increase the number of leaders have not worked out due to RL commitments. We have just heard that Caoilin has decided to step down from leading compline at the end of this week (22nd April). There have been some differences of view between Caoilin and the Leadership Team but we had hoped to resolve them. Caoilin thinks it is better to step down at this point and we respect this decision. We are grateful for Caoilin’s hard work as worship leader and regret that some members of our community will lose a service they valued. There are no plans at the moment to continue running the US compline service.

During Holy Week we had several special services at the Cathedral. The Palm Sunday service was the best attended. Our donkeys were in place to help us celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. There was a service for Maundy Thursday, two on Good Friday, two on Holy Saturday and a well attended Easter Sunday service. We have an Easter garden with tomb outside the Parish House. This area has been used by several people as a place for quiet contemplation. On Easter Sunday there were refreshments and the opportunity to take part in an Easter Egg hunt. Thanks go to Cady for all her hard work on the Island during this extremely busy period.

During Lent the Bible Study was extended by 30 minutes. This was at the suggestion of those attending and seems to have been popular.

As usual there have been opportunities to talk about our ministry. Helene briefly told a class of college students what we do and answered some questions. The Palm Sunday worship inspired a new member to write about SL worship for his seminary paper. He has interviewed several of the Leadership Team. Several of us have also answered questions to help with a dissertation on online worship by another member. A group gathered to take part in the Religious Communicators Conference in the US, once again with an opportunity for those present in RL to pose questions to those in SL. It’s always interesting to be able to inform people in this way.

We continue to support charitable causes on Epiphany Island. There is now a Relay for Life kiosk outside the Cathedral. The donations box for Haiti has been removed.

Tithe Sixpence, our Treasurer alt, has placed extra donations fonts on the Island. Below is her report on our financial situation.

There is currently $263.33NZD held for us by the Wellington NZ diocese ($186.52USD). This represents all of the money that has been transferred from the Paypal account, minus the last (June 2009) tier payment.

The current balance in the Paypal account is $227.00USD.

The last in-world donation balance reported to us by Snerbert, at the end of November 2009, was $395,338L. The donation box totals were reset at this time. On April 1, the in-world donation box displayed total contributions of $88,154L. This gives a total of $483,492L, which converts to $1,790.71USD.

The current balance of the Title Sixpence account from the new donation fonts is $18,908L (approx. $70.03USD). This represents 48% of our April goal amount.

This gives us a current treasury balance of $2,274.26USD. Note that this number is an approximation, given the fluctuation of the other currencies (New Zealand dollars and Linden dollars) involved.

Our next tier payment, due in June, will be $1,770.00USD. This gives us a current surplus amount of $504.26USD.

Helene Milena


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

2 thoughts on “Leadership Team Report April 2010

  1. Thank you Helene for following up on the commitment the Leadership Team made back in February to improve communications within the group!

    You mention that funds from the PayPal account are held by the Diocese of Wellington in NZ. Also, the Financial Support page mentions the Bishop of Wellington and the Bishop of Guildford. Can you share more about the relationship of the group with these bishops and what role they exercise in decision making for the group?

    • It would be really nice to know who I am replying to, Anon. Perhaps next time you would consider giving your name. I’m sure that would improve communications! 🙂

      Our relationship with the Bishop of Wellington, Bishop Tom Brown, comes via Mark Brown who was our priest-in-charge until last June, licensed to AoSL by his bishop, as a priest would be to any other Anglican ministry. This connection afforded us the opportunity to have our PayPal funds paid into the account at the Diocese of Wellington. Bishop Christopher Hill of Guildford, who is an ecclesiastical lawyer, has had an interest in our ministry from the beginning and has hosted meetings at which theologians, lawyers and online church practitioners have been able to meet and discuss the implications of a ministry such as ours. Both bishops are kept informed of our work and the puzzles which sometimes face us, and have given us advice when we have needed it with regard to theology and practical issues as we work out how to be Anglican in an online context. We have very much appreciated all their help.

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