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Leadership Team Report March 2010

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This report covers the period from 10th February to date. There has been no real time Leadership Team meeting in this period.

As announced in an earlier blog post, Hildeguard Psaltery has decided to take a six month sabbatical from her responsibilities to Anglicans of Second Life. She will not be taking part in Team discussions and is no longer leading the Sunday 6pm SLT compline service, which has been discontinued until further notice. We are grateful for all that Hildeguard has done and wish her well in her time of rest.

We had been in discussion with a possible new worship leader but after prayer, he has decided that he does not feel it would be the right thing for him to do.

There is discussion about building a team to help cover the US compline services Monday-Thursday and possibly increasing the number of days on which this service runs. Leading a service regularly is a big commitment and it’s good to be able to ask others to cover if a RL appointment makes attendance difficult on a particular day. Morning Prayer is currently covered by a team and hopefully one day Evening Prayer will be also.

Times for services will be affected by the move to Daylight Saving Time in the northern hemisphere and to Standard Time in the southern hemisphere. As usual, the clocks will alter on different weekends in the US, Europe and Australia/NZ. For a period of three weeks there will be some disruption. We will do our best to keep everyone informed. Please read the notices carefully to avoid disappointment.

We had been discussing what time the Bible Study should run and, as requested by those who attend, we shall now start 30 minutes earlier to allow more time for discussion. So far we have had three sessions of the Lent Course we are following: People on the Edge of his Pain by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. The materials have been well received and we have had some very good discussions together. The Ash Wednesday service at the beginning of Lent was very well attended, with ashing on offer for those who wanted it.

The form of service for the Murder Victims Memorial dedication has been approved. The service will take place at 2pm SLT on Wandering Angel Island There are notecards with information and a landmark on Epiphany. All are welcome to attend the service. Two readers are being sought so please volunteer if you can.

Our ministry continues to attract the attention of many people. In recent weeks members of the Leadership Team and others have chatted to researchers and helped them find what they need. We have also been approached for information by a major newspaper. Most recently Gareth and Helene answered questions posed by participants in a course at St John’s College, Nottingham, about our ministry on Epiphany. Our ministry has a reputation for being among the most helpful in SL to those who are looking for information or help with research. Offering a welcome to all is part of our vision and this includes those who visit to learn more about us.

We still have some items to complete from our earlier discussions and meeting. We need to make arrangements for a new treasurer if possible and reset the donations box in the Cathedral and place others elsewhere on the sim. We will need to finalise arrangements for Holy Week services and events. We still intend to create an item which can be placed on other sims to advertise our services. Ideas for developing the sim further will be shared as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, if you have any comments or suggestions do get in touch.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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