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Murder victims memorial in SL

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Edd Thor (SL name) has built a simple memorial to those who have died as the result of murder. In RL Edd is a pathologist and is thus very aware of homicide and the harm it does to the families and friends of those who are victims.  You can visit the memorial at

Anyone who has lost someone special to murder can contact Edd and ask him to place a memorial on his site. It will include the person’s first name and two more lines of text. The usual memorial is a candle but other alternatives can be discussed with Edd.

On Sunday 14th March at 2pm SLT the memorial will be dedicated in a simple service led by Anglicans of Second Life. There will be a landmark available at the Cathedral and a notice with details of the memorial site.

It would be wonderful if two people would volunteer to read (in voice) at that service. If you know anyone who has lost someone to murder and who would be willing to read, that would be best of all.

I hope as many residents of SL as possible will attend the dedication service and hope that this site brings comfort to many who are mourning.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

One thought on “Murder victims memorial in SL

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