The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

A Sabbatical for Hildeguard


We have received notification from Hildeguard Psaltery, a member of the Leadership Team and worship leader for the 6pm SLT Sunday Compline service, that she wishes to take a six month Sabbatical from her responsibilities towards Anglicans of Second Life.

Hildeguard has been a member of AoSL from the early days and her contributions to the development of the ministry have been valued by the Team and the community. We are grateful for all that she has done and commend her to your prayers as she takes this time out, that it will be a time of refreshment and an enriched walk with God.

The Sunday Compline service will be cancelled until further notice. You are still encouraged to use the Cathedral and Chapel for private prayer at any time, including the time when this service would normally have run.

We will do our best as a Team to protect Hildeguard from receiving emails, notecards and so on regarding the everyday running of the ministry so that she can have a proper rest. If you would usually contact Hildeguard with questions or comments, please direct them at another member of the Team for the time being.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

2 thoughts on “A Sabbatical for Hildeguard

  1. Hildeguard’s Sunday evening service was one the first service I regularly came to. God bless Hilde and thank you!

  2. I hope Hildeguard has a good sabbatical and that it will be a useful time of recovery and reflection.

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