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Leadership Team Report February 2010

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Here is a report of the activities of the Leadership Team since 1st January 2010. Our discussions take place in two ways: in bi-monthly real time meetings and in continuous discussion via a Google Group. This report covers items covered in either or both ways.

The Leadership Team met on 23rd January 2010. The meeting was attended by all but Snerbert Sands and Hildeguard Psaltery. This was the first meeting of the expanded Team, although the Team had already been working together in the Group.

A financial report would normally be given at the beginning of the meeting but Snerbert was unable to be present.

Our current policy regarding the disclosure of RL identity on the part of those in formal leadership positions was reiterated for the benefit of the new Team members and their agreement sought that they not reveal the RL identities of any who were only known to the Leadership Team, in accordance with Linden Lab’s Terms of Service. In the process of this discussion, questions were raised about our policy on disclosing the RL identities of Leadership Team members and whether this should be extended to others who serve in leadership positions at the Cathedral. We agreed to continue the conversation on this matter. A further conversation about avatar representation is also taking place. These are both in their early stages.

Reports from worship leaders had been shared before the meeting. These covered the regular services and also the special services which had taken place over the Advent and Christmas season. In general the special services seemed to be well received and were well attended. Regarding the regular services it was agreed to discontinue the Pacific Rim service for the time being as it does not seem to be answering a need. The Wednesday II service at 6.30pm has also been discontinued at the request of the leader, Caoilin Galthie, as the attendance has not been great, and this would allow energy to be focused on the weeknight Compline service.

All Team members had been invited to share where their interests lie in terms of serving the community. This has been helpful in getting a feel for where each is called to minister. Some are still considering what God wants them to do. The role of Treasurer is one that should be taken by someone other than Snerbert as combining it with fundraising is not ideal. It was agreed that discussions would be held about a way of covering this role between two members of the Team. The minutes of meetings will continue to be taken by Helene for the time being although it would be nice to have a secretary.

The possibility of bringing back the Discussion Group in some form was explored. It was acknowledged that it was appreciated by those who attended and helped relationships to form. Some of this need might be covered by social events. It was also noted that not everything needs to be done on Epiphany. Equipped by the services offered on the sim, community members could be encouraged to go out elsewhere in SL to meet people. Those who already do this find that they are given opportunities to pray with people at times.

Looking to further promote what we do, the Team agreed to post details of our services on the Events calendar. A community member has suggested the creation of an object which could be displayed by members at their homes or businesses which would dispense a notecard and an LM to Epiphany. This excellent idea is being followed up. We will also send notecards via Christian Connection. It was suggested, also, that some of our Team arrange to meet and pray with leaders of other Christian ministries in SL.

Sharing our facilities with others has been suggested before. We received a request from the SL Lutherans and have agreed to offer them an invitation to use Epiphany. A bible study was mentioned as an initial idea.

A discussion was held about the timing of the Sunday Bible Study. The time is to allow it to fit with other events elsewhere so will not change at the moment. There is a possibility that in Lent the Bible Study will take the form of a Lent Course. Further ideas for Lent and Easter were also discussed and continue in our Google Group.

Various ideas for the development of the sim have been suggested over recent weeks. There will be a separate blog post detailing these and seeking feedback.

The members of the Team have agreed to be available on the sim as much as possible in case members of the community wish to talk to us. We will look at ways to monitor the use of the various parts of the sim to see if they are serving a need.

Items discussed asynchronously in addition to those mentioned above:

We are considering the appointment of another worship leader. We have received a reference and intend to meet the person to discuss further.

We have been asked to dedicate and advertise a memorial for victims of murder. This has been very favourably received by the Team.

Our communication with the Diocese of Guildford is continuing, looking at a further meeting of the Theology Group and at practicalities regarding finance and a constitution. Further contact is expected shortly.

We are considering whether the names of people posting prayer requests in our prayer box should be revealed when the requests are read out in services. It may be necessary to clarify on the notecard in some way.

We decided to place a donation box for the victims of the Haitian earthquake in the Cathedral.

We hope to be able to gather photos from early members of our community to help create a fuller history of the ministry.

We decided to include special services for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and welcomed Joubert Byers to preach at the noon SLT service on 24th January.

As a result of last year’s survey we have been looking at improving our communication. The new members of the Team have had the opportunity to comment on and add to what we commit to do to this end.

There is a separate post about this here

As always we invite your feedback on these items and your ideas for consideration.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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