The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Leadership Team meeting this Saturday

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Hello all!

It’s been an exciting time to be part of the Leadership Team!  We are so pleased to have our five new members (ZoeRose Eiren, Charlie12string Lax, Patapon Monday, Joyous Schism and Able Shepherd) on board, and to have the opportunity to hear their input and ideas.

This Saturday we will hold our first Leadership Team meeting with our new members.  In addition to our bi-monthly meetings, the LT members have many group discussions by way of email, and we have been exploring how each members sees their role in the Team, and where their interests, talents and passions can best be utilized within our community.  We will continue this conversation at our meeting, and learn how we can support and complement each other’s efforts.

Other recent discussion items that will be brought to this meeting include:

  • How can we enhance our relationships with other Christian groups in SL?
  • How can we help promote our services and events to the wider SL community?
  • Are there ways that we can develop the configuration of the area surrounding the Cathedral to enhance their use as a gathering place for the community?
  • What sort of events and services would we like to plan for the upcoming Lenten and Easter seasons?

As always, we welcome your ideas!  Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.  You can leave suggestions on our blog, contact any of us directly inworld, or by email using the contact information given on the Leadership Team page.  And of course, we invite your prayers for a productive and inspiring meeting!



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