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Christmas online – Nativity and more

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Christmas is a busy time in churches throughout the world, and our cathedral in Second Life is no exception. Since Advent, Mary and Joseph have travelled around to various homes and churches in SL and on Christmas Eve returned to Epiphany Island to stay in our stable. We had a special Nativity service in which we welcomed Mary and Joseph and remembered all those who had given them hospitality over the previous 25 nights: Hazey Bigbear, Cephus Levee, Rocky Vallejo, Bunneh Byron, Grizzy Griswold, Coy Weatherwax, Petronella Piers, Lelani Carver, Harper Ganesvoort, Chaz Longstaff, Sara Toxx, psimagus Hax, ZoeRose Eiren, Medhi Bury, Markus Pexington, Graham Clarrington, Pelagius Friend, Cyrano Swansong, Skye Lewellen, Illendel Foulsbane, Mateo12 Michigan, Neill Loxingly, Charlie12string Lax, dove Redyard and Cady Enoch. There is now a book of photos from the Posada and the Nativity scene is in the garden if anyone wishes to visit.

Our Christmas services have not yet finished as we are having a special service with a reflection at noon SLT today. I hope that some of our community can join together to worship at this time.

Meanwhile, I wish you every blessing this Christmas season as we remember how God chose to come to earth to live as one of us, so that we might know him better and experience the joy of knowing what it is to be his children.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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