The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

The Holy Ghost in the Machine

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One of the features of being involved in an online church is the interest it attracts from researchers and writers, who all want their questions answered. It can be very interesting to find out just what people are asking about our ministry, how they view it, what misconceptions there are and so on.

Often those who are looking for answers come in world and talk to the people there, and that is probably by far the best way to get a range of perspectives. If time is short, the Leadership Team is usually approached with a list of questions and we do our best to give answers which give a flavour of what we do and what it means to our members.

As a result of one such request, there is now an excellent article in Wired magazine about online churches, which features St Pixel’s and the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life. Do have a read and post a comment if you feel inclined. It will help fill out the picture for the readers, though I think that Martyn Casserly did an excellent job in the tight word limit.

You will find the article, Virtual Christmas – The Holy Ghost in the Machine, here


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

One thought on “The Holy Ghost in the Machine

  1. I joined Second Life (SL) and sought out the Anglican church because I read that the US Army has a recruiting station within SL! If the military finds that this is a valid venue to sell their war to our children then we need to have a presence as well to teach peace and love!

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