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As the Christmas season approaches, there is quite a flurry of activity within the SL Anglican community and no doubt, within the offline lives of our members.  It is easy to get caught up in the bustle and stress of the season.  One of the side effects of this added stress, sadly, is a rise in the incidence of domestic violence.  In an effort to spread awareness of this problem, and provide real assistance to those affected by it, SL Resident Isabeal Jupiter, owner of the A Netherworld shop, has organized a Circle of 30 fundraising campaign to do just this.  She has enlisted a group of SL vendors to donate the proceeds of a special item for sale in their shops between December 1 and 15 to Choices, an organization that provides counseling and shelter for victims of domestic violence as well as community education and advocacy services.

In addition to purchasing one of these items, you may also make a direct contribution to this campaign by visiting the donation kiosk I have set up in the cathedral courtyard.  A notecard is also available from the kiosk with information about combating domestic violence.

The Anglican Cathedral of SL is pleased to be a part of this effort, which is our first collaboration with a SL fundraising organization.  As always we encourage your feedback!


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