The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Posada – give Mary and Joseph a place to stay


There is an old Mexican tradition called Posada in which the young people of the community would dress up as Mary and Joseph and go from house to house in the village. They asked for a room for the night and announced to the people that Jesus was soon to be born. A full scale nativity play was then acted out on Christmas Eve at their church and the stable scene was completed with Mary and Joseph.

This tradition is celebrated nowadays with figures of Mary and Joseph being hosted in different places each night of Advent. When they stay in a place it offers a chance for a party for friends and family of the host. The form this takes varies but may include worship and carols and a telling of the message of Christmas and perhaps food and drink. It’s more important that it’s a time of gathering together than that it is something elaborate.

The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life is engaging with Posada this year and would like to invite you to offer a place to Mary and Joseph for a night. If you would like to help, please let Cady Enoch or Helene Milena know as soon as possible. The figures will be passed from host to host, starting at the Cathedral on Sunday 29th November (Advent Sunday) and finally arriving back at the Cathedral on Christmas Eve when they will be placed in our own stable scene.

If you host Mary and Joseph we can advertise any event you may be having via group notices and you will be able to use the group IM to remind members of the community of the event if you wish. It would be wonderful if you could take a photo of Mary and Joseph in your home, church or other venue and send it to Cady plus a brief diary entry of what happened that day.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

4 thoughts on “Posada – give Mary and Joseph a place to stay

  1. Mary and Joseph set off on their journey at the end of the noon SLT service in the Cathedral on Sunday, Advent Sunday. They spent a night with Hazey Bigbear and then moved on to visit Cephus Levee. Their next visit will be to Rocky Vallejo.

    They have somewhere to stay for almost the whole of Advent. We have just four nights to fill. Thanks go to all the community who have responded to this, our first Posada.

  2. hi, all, I am honored to host Mary and Joseph on Renaissance Island on Saturday, December 5. There will be a brief celebration at 1 pm SLT that day with a scavenger hunt across the isle (the prizes are Christmas decorations and ornaments for home, hearth, avie) and tours for anyone interested (though I sometimes get lost myself). All welcome. I will give the LMs to Helene and Cady so people know where to turn up. Cheers, Pet

  3. I am planning a party at my home for Dec 6, which has a Southwestern theme. In RL I lived in New Mexico as a child and remember the neighborhood decorated and we went house to house.

    Will contact Cady or Helene directly with more details.

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