The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

The Leadership Team welcomes new members!


Greetings all!

The Anglicans of Second Life Leadership Team is pleased to announce that five of our community members have accepted an invitation to become part of the Team!  Joining us are Joyous Schism and ZoeRose Eiren from the US, Able Shepherd from the UK, Charlie12string Lax from Australia and Patapon Monday from New Zealand.  With the benefit of their energy, talents and perspectives, it is our hope that the Leadership Team will be better able to meet the needs of our growing SL community.  Please join us in welcoming them!

Also, on Sunday, December 6, at noon SLT, we will hold a special service to commission our new Leadership Team members, as well as all those who serve in other ministries at the Cathedral, for the work to be done in the coming year.  We will also take the opportunity to thank those who have served in leadership positions over the past year.  Please make plans to join us if you are able!


3 thoughts on “The Leadership Team welcomes new members!

  1. I thought several of you were already *on* the Leadership Team! You’ve been doing good work, and I know you’ll continue. Thank you for your dedication.

    MimseyBorogove Susanowa

  2. Blessings and best wishes to the new members! I probably won’t be able to attend, what with work schedules (and the possibility that my computer will still be in the shop), but I’ll be there in spirit.

  3. Although I am not a part of the Anglican tradition (I am a Presbyterian Church USA minister) I enjoy reading your blogposts. Blesings to you!

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