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When Rev Mark Brown stepped down as priest-in-charge of Anglicans of Second Life at the end of June, he had built a team to take the ministry forward. One of his last actions was to find someone to lead the Pacific Rim service which was proving popular. LouiB Serendipity took on this daunting task, having to learn the ropes very quickly indeed. She has been supported by others from that area of the world as she got to grips with the requirements.

The Leadership Team has just been informed that, due to personal circumstances, LouiB can no longer lead the Pacific Rim Service. We are very grateful for all that she has done and hope that she will remain a member of our community.

The service, which recently changed time to 10pm SLT, will continue to take place. For the time being I shall lead it with help from the various regular attenders. It is the hope of the Leadership Team that a new leader for this service will be found in time. I do hope you will support this service and encourage others who can make it to come along and worship. This week the theme will be ‘Remembrance’ as it is Remembrance Sunday in the UK and some other parts of the world, and Veterans Day coming up in the US.

While saying goodbye to LouiB as service leader, we are able to welcome a new member of our Prayer Team. ZoeRose Eiren has now joined the Team. Members of the Prayer Team are able to be paged from outside the Cathedral and will be happy to pray with you if you have any needs. This is a confidential ministry; whatever you  share will not be divulged to others. We all need support sometimes and the community at Epiphany is happy to offer this prayer ministry to any who need it.

If you need more information do contact me in-world or email ailsa [at] Any member of the Prayer Team would be happy to tell you more also.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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