The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

All Souls Day services


This weekend, services at the Anglican Cathedral in SL will commemorate All Souls Day, when we remember those who have departed from this life.  If you are not familiar with this holiday, there is a wonderful article on this, and the associated All Saints Day at the Full Homely Divinity website.

If you would like to have someone in particular remembered during these services, I encourage you to let us know.  You can either leave a prayer request in the the cathedral prayerbox (next to the votive candle stand), or email your request to Helene at ailsa [at]


2 thoughts on “All Souls Day services

  1. I have Windows 7 ans Second Life works just fine. You might try deleting the present copy of SL, rebooting and then installing a fresh copy. Good luck

  2. I just upgraded to Windows 7 and found that SecondLife will not work. There is no information from Linden Labs on when or whether they will issue a new version for Windows 7. Do you have any knowledge of same?
    Thank you.

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