The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

All Souls Day approaches, and more fun with time zones!

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We are heading towards the commemoration of All Souls and All Saints Day, when we will hold special services to mark this time of remembrance of those who have gone before us.  If you would like to have a loved one remembered during these services, please leave a notecard with your request in the prayerbox in the cathedral (next to the votive candle stand).  Alternatively contact Helene Milena at ailsa [at]

Ok, folks, hang on to your seats.  The times are changing again, and this is where things get a bit tricky…

Both the UK and Europe move from Daylight to Standard time this Sunday morning.  The US clocks (and by extension, SL Time) will follow suit one week later.  For this in-between week, we will be adjusting the times of the services geared toward our UK/European community members.  So, for the next week ONLY, Morning and Evening Prayer services will be held at 1am and 1pm SLT respectively, then return to the regular times of midnight and noon SLT.  Also, the weekday services normally held at 2pm will move to 3pm for next week ONLY.  The other services will remain unchanged.

Yeah, it’s a lot to take in.  Easiest way is just to check the weekly events schedule.


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