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A change in the Leadership Team

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Those of you who have been a part of our community for a while will remember the popular, and often lively, discussion group that met every Saturday up through last spring.  This group was led by the creative and seemingly tireless Arundel Dragonash, who has served on the AoSL Leadership Team for the past year.  Since then, she has made a personal transition (in her own words) “from a productive member of society to the parasite known as a graduate student!”  She shares that as a consequence of this “I find that I am amply supplied with intellectual stimulation and challenge.  One might say that I am drowning in them (be careful what you wish for!)”

Due to these other commitments, Arundel has decided to step down from her responsibilities as a member of our Leadership Team.  She does plan to remain an active member of our community, as her schedule permits, and “continue to be committed to the mission and values of the group.”

The Leadership Team is most thankful for Arundel’s dedicated service to our ministry, and wish her many blessings on her new ventures!  We are also exploring some new ideas in regard to Saturday events on Epiphany, so stay tuned!


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