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Lots of new services!

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It’s funny how things come together and guide us towards a course of action. It can happen in our personal lives and it can happen to organisations. I would say it has happened to the Anglican Cathedral ofE1247 Second Life recently.

My RL vicar asked me if I would pray at home at the same time as he was saying Morning Prayer in church. As I live 10 miles from my church, it made no sense to travel there each day but I was happy to pray as requested. I had found my routine of daily prayer had been disturbed for some time, so this seemed a good way to get back to a pattern. My vicar and I settled on 8am UK time (midnight SLT) for Morning Prayer and at first I simply prayed at home in my study at the beginning of the day. It then occurred to me that I could go and sit in the Meditation Chapel on Epiphany Island and say the office. Having done that for a few days I decided to send an IM to say I was doing so, and one or two people joined me. I then decided to say Evening Prayer at noon SLT (8pm UK).

At that point I thought it best to tell the Leadership Team what I was doing and ask for their approval. They were happy to support this and so I carried on. Very shortly afterwards, two other service leaders also suggested we look at saying the Daily Offices on Epiphany. It became clear that God was nudging us towards this and who am I to argue with God!

Currently, I say Morning Prayer Sunday – Saturday and Evening Prayer Monday – Saturday and am joined by community members and others from all over the world. The largest number there so far has been 6 though sometimes no one comes. Caoilin is now saying the office of Compline at 8.30pm SLT on Monday – Thursday. Similar numbers are attending those services too. We are using the Common Worship services which are available from the browser in the Meditation Chapel.

Already others are reading in these services. It is my hope that teams will be built of those who are confident enough to read the services in voice because then it will spread the load and not leave this part of our ministry dependent on just two people.

I hope you will have an opportunity to attend sometime. You will receive a warm welcome.

Times of services are going to be altering as clocks are changed across the world. We will make sure that we keep everyone informed of the times.

Meanwhile current times for the offices are:
Midnight SLT Sunday to Saturday
Noon SLT Monday to Saturday
8.30pm SLT Monday to Thursday


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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