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Even the Dogs Deserve Bread!

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Today’s Gospel story can be a little perplexing, particularly with the interaction between Jesus and the SyroPhoenician woman. Jesus appears to speak in an uncharacteristically harsh manner to this stranger in the middle of Jewish Israel.

We have seen in the past where Jairus approached Jesus in the crowd, how Jesus spoke to encourage him, and strengthen his faith as they made that journey from death to life. In this setting, in a home away from the crowds, Jesus takes no such steps. He initially refuses her request and instead challenges her right to even ask from him.

Jesus is tired, and needs refreshment himself. We have already encountered this. The Gospels have all recorded how he withdraws frequently to the mountains, away from people, to seek his Father. This encounter is very different. It is a glimpse into the human side of Jesus that we do not often see.

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