The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Prayer service for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church


As many of you aware, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church of the United States (TEC) is currently underway.  Our friends at the Anglican Ecumenical Society (AES) are currently hosting prayer sessions for the General Convention, as well as for TEC, the Anglican Communion, and for the body of Christ.

The Anglican Cathedral in Second Life will be joining in this effort by holding a time of prayer for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church and for all Christian people throughout the world, that we may grow in love and understanding for one another and follow God’s ways.

We invite you to join us at the Cathedral on Saturday, July 11 for this event, starting at 11am SLT.  On each quarter hour, as announced by the cathedral bell, a section of Psalm 119 will be read and then the rest of that 15 minutes will be available for typed or private prayer from those present.

This is a time of deep divisions in the life of our church, and our goal here is to promote healing and unity amongst all Christians.  Our friends in the AES have posted some excellent guidelines for prayer on this matter, which they summarize below:

“The purpose here is to pray for God’s Will to be done. We hope that liberals and conservatives alike will come to pray. For the sake of preserving an atmosphere of peace, we hope that prayers posted will not presume or ask for any particular outcome, nor preach on any hot-button issue. Let’s bathe the General Convention in prayer, draw close to Him as we might and trust God for truth, clarity, and courage to face the future. We hope these guidelines are clear enough.”

Anyone who has voice and wishes to read a section of the psalm is welcome to contact Helene Milena, either before the service, or by IM at the time of the service.  If you read, go to the lectern just before the quarter hour and begin reading once the Cathedral bell has rung. The text will be posted automatically but it will be easier if you simply read from the notecard. Please leave time for responses.

At 1pm we will begin a short worship service.


4 thoughts on “Prayer service for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church

  1. I found it a very powerful time and am very glad we made the effort to pray together in this way. I hope the delegates at the General Convention will really feel the benefit of all the prayer that is surrounding them.

  2. Many thanks to all who came to pray with us! And thanks especially to Helene and Cady for helping make this possible.

  3. Kathleen, what’s your opinion of the guidelines above? Do you find them unjust or unfair? Are they excluding you?

    I personally support TEC overturning B033 for my own reasons, but I would not be praying here or at the service for the overturning of B033 in TEC, but I would not pray this in public at that gathering, re. the guidelines stated above. But I would feel that I could profitably pray for other things and thus would embrace this opportunity without ignoring the guidelines.

    Let’s not give the impression here that we are already intent upon showing up and ignoring the guidelines by setting a precedent of ignoring these guidelines here.

  4. Gracious God, who has made us one family by Holy Baptism, give compassion, wisdom, and courage to our bishops and General Convention deputies who will soon gather in Anaheim; that all your children may be hallowed by equal access to all the sacraments; through Jesus Christ our Teacher and the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth. Amen.

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