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Christianity in the Digital Space


A conference called ‘Christianity in the Digital Space‘ will take place at St John’s College, Durham, England from 13th -15th July. This conference is trying to answer all sorts of questions such as what discipleship looks like in a digital world and what the church may look like as a result of us being in a digital age.

Sixty Christians who are engaged with online ministry will listen to keynote speeches from Rt Rev NT Wright, Bishop of Durham; Mark Brown (Arkin Ariantho in SL), CEO of Bible Society in NZ; Andrew Graystone, Director of the Churches’ Media Council. There will also be short talks given by practitioners including Mark Howe of St Pixel’s, Pam Smith of i-church, and me, Ailsa Wright (Helene Milena in SL) of AoSL.

Discussion will take the form of group conversations on matters such as how the Bible relates to the digital age, opportunities for evangelism online, whether there is a distinctive spirituality associated with Christianity online. Other topics will arise as a result of the talks which will highlight issues that are being faced and any difficulties or learning that have resulted.

As befits the topic, the conference will be equipped with wifi internet access throughout. This allows for delegates to introduce their online ministries. For the Anglican Cathedral it also means that our service at 2pm SLT on Tuesday will be led from the conference. I hope as many people as possible will be able to attend so that delegates can get a feel for what online worship in our Cathedral is like. There should be several people logged on using their laptops so you may find a few new or unfamiliar avs around but I’m sure they will all be made welcome.

Video and audio will be uploaded during the conference to and you are welcome to contribute there. It will also be possible to follow on Twitter where tweets will be sent regularly from the symposium. Look for @digitalsymp.

This looks like being a very exciting event and the Leadership Team is very pleased that our ministry can be represented there along with others who are reaching out to the digital generation.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

6 thoughts on “Christianity in the Digital Space

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  2. Rhianwen,

    You can watch the streaming video of the conference at (no signup required)!


    • Yes, that link opens. Thank you, Cady, I was being taken round and round in circles and getting a bit frustrated.

      Everything is apparently over for the day but with any luck there will be some recordings up later.

      Since you answered my post,Cady, Mark has posted the link as well.

  3. It would be great if we could get into the website linked above to watch videos etc.

    Any chance that the group could be set up with an entry name and a password ? How about slangers
    and watchandpray ?

  4. Very exciting and what a lineup of speakers!

  5. Thanks for posting this, Helene! I am looking forward to our virtual meetup with the conference participants on Tuesday. If any of those planning to come to the cathedral for the service are new to SL, I would advise them to sign up and log in ahead of Tuesday, just to get a chance to get oriented to SL. You can find the SL cathedral here: Our community members will be most happy to welcome you and help you in any way they can. Please IM me (Cady Enoch) if you need a hand with anything, or just to say hello!

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