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A Look at the Leadership Team

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Greetings all!

Now that the flurry of Easter activity has subsided a bit, time to catch my breath and give you all an update on what the Leadership Team has been up to, and while I’m at it, hopefully some insight in to how the LT does what we do!

Of course, the biggest update lately has been Rev. Mark’s announcement of his intent to step down from the Team this June, due to the increasing time demands in other areas of his life.  He will retain his current role and duties until June 14, and we are working closely with him to make the transition as smooth as possible.  As was noted in the Team response to his statement of intent to retire, we continue to work with the RL church representatives on forming our constitution, which in part addresses the formal governance structure of our ministry.  As soon as we have the opportunity to consult with them and finalize a few points, we will update you on our future plans.  And, of course, ask for your feedback!  We on the LT are truly committed to making this a collaborative effort with our community.

On a related note, we continue with our analysis of the recent community survey.  A big thanks go to Arundel Dragonash and Snerbert Sands for the data analysis they have worked on from the online survey.  Our next step is to work through the more qualitative bits from this survey, then on to analysis of the chat logs from our survey forums and the individual interviews that Helene conducted.  Over the coming weeks expect to see updates on this process on this blog.

A belated LT personnel update.  As many of you will recall, our Sunday bible study group was founded and formerly led by Sophia Tulip.  Late last year, she took a leave of absence from this post, due to increasing time demands brought on by a new job.  At the beginning of the year, she notified us of her desire to step down from this post.  Our intention was to get with her for a final interview for this blog and a formal thanks from the LT for her incredible service to our ministry.  Unfortunately we have not been able to coordinate this as of yet, but we would like to take this opportunity to extend that thanks here and now, and wish her well on her future ventures!

One of the points that has emerged from the survey is that people want more information about how the LT operates.  A fair question!  First off, how did we get here anyway?  The team in place now has really emerged organically over the growth of this ministry.  Those of us who have been on the team the longest were appointed to our positions by Rev. Mark, by virtue of our involvement in leading worship services or coordinating various activities within the ministry.  That is how the core team started out, around a year and a half ago.  Those members still serving on the team include yours truly (Cady Enoch), Hildeguard Psaltery, MikeCamel Albert and Snerbert Sands.  Then other community members were recommended to the team by sitting LT members (and approved by the LT as a whole) by virtue of their leadership in these activities.  These members include Gareth Janus, Helene Milena and Arundel Dragonash.

So, how will this work going forward?  The short answer is, we are still figuring that out.  This is such a unique ministry, we are really starting from the ground up here.  While a “normal” governing body might be elected from the community at large, the virtual nature of our ministry makes this problematic (who would be deemed eligible to vote?  how would a vote be certified?)  We realize that the current system is unworkable in the long run, but there are still many questions to be answered in this regard, and whatever we come up with will have to be approved by whatever ecclesiastical authority is ultimately charged with our ministry.  And as I mentioned before, whatever we come up with will be presented to the community for feedback before implementation.

So, how do we operate?  There is actually a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at Epiphany.  Despite the fact that we are collaborating on this from around the world, we communicate with each other a LOT!  We have a very active LT listserv, and have recently started collaborating using GoogleDocs and GoogleGroups.  We coordinate worship and bible study schedules, share questions and concerns that we have come up with and those shared with us by community members, share ministry development resources, and share laughter, tears and prayers with and for one another.  In addition, we meet together about once a month to catch up on our various activities and ministries, and plan for future projects and events.  We also bring proposals and suggestions from the community to these meetings, and determine the best way forward for the growth and development of our community.

We take community involvement in our ministry VERY seriously!  We encourage your ideas and feedback.  We are very grateful for the input you have given us by way of the community survey, and we want this feedback to continue into the future.  In addition to this, we encourage you to get involved with the life and work of the community.  The degree to which we will be able to implement all of the great ideas you have brought us will be dependent to a large extent on the amount of “avatar power” our community members bring to it.  What would you like to do?  Welcome visitors to the cathedral?  Be a reader at a worship service?  Get involved with bible study?
Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!

I hope I have shed some light into the workings of the Cathedral Leadership Team.  I invite your questions and comments on any of this.

Blessings to you all in this Easter season!



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