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Community Survey Project – Week Four

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This week we will be continuing our Community Survey Project.  Starting at the Saturday Discussion Groups and continuing with discussions held after our services on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will invite community members to engage in conversations with the Leadership Team on a set of questions related to a particular theme each week.  In addition, we have launched an online survey, also accessible on our blog.  You are encouraged to visit this site to see the themes and questions for each week, and leave your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section.  You may also contact any of the members of the Leadership Team and share your comments with them directly. For the next few weeks, we will dedicate our Tuesday and Thursday worship services to prayer for this process, as well as for personal prayer requests.

Week 4

Evangelism and outreach – sharing the Good News

  • Should the Cathedral share in a mission or deliberate evangelistic activity?
  • If so, what kind of activity should we try?
  • What should be put in place as follow up?
  • Are there particular groups, age groups, networks with which we might like to particularly engage?
  • What should we do encourage individuals to be able to share their personal faith with others?
  • How can we look at the missiological aspects of all our activities? Are we seeing all our worship and activities as part of God’s mission?
  • What have we done that has enabled others to encounter God?
  • How should we show the people of SL God’s love?

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