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Community Survey Project – Week Three

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This week we will be continuing our Community Survey Project.  Starting at the Saturday Discussion Groups and continuing with discussions held after our services on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will invite community members to engage in conversations with the Leadership Team on a set of questions related to a particular theme each week.  In addition, we have launched an online survey, also accessible on our blog.  You are encouraged to visit this site to see the themes and questions for each week, and leave your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section.  You may also contact any of the members of the Leadership Team and share your comments with them directly. For the next few weeks, we will dedicate our Tuesday and Thursday worship services to prayer for this process, as well as for personal prayer requests.

Week 3

Prayer and spirituality – sustaining and strengthening our walk with God, individual prayer and prayer groups – growing as a disciple.

  • Is prayer and spirituality seen as something for only the most holy and most committed, or something we encourage in all lives?
  • What does/should the Cathedral do to nurture the faith and faith development of church members?
  • What do we do/ should we do to help enquirers explore the faith?
  • What is the effectiveness of what is done to nurture faith?
  • Should people be encouraged to take seriously a Rule of Life to root their Christian lives in Prayer and worship, Study and Christian Action so that they may grow as disciples of Jesus Christ?
  • How far does what happens in the Cathedral help church members live out their faith in the whole of life, not just in what they do in church?
  • What opportunities do people have to experience different types of prayer?
  • Should Spiritual direction, by whatever name, be encouraged to help people grow in faith?
  • Should daily prayer be encouraged and enabled by daily times of public prayer and worship in the Cathedral?

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