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Time changes ahead!

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Heads up!  The US will commence Daylight Savings Time (DST) this Sunday morning.  As this will affect Second Life Time (SLT), it is shaking up our schedule of Services & Events.  I have spent a fair bit of time this past week working this all through and coordinating things with our event and service leaders.  So, here is how things will change in the coming weeks.

Events scheduled for this Saturday, March 7, will not change their start times.

On Sunday, March 8, our Bible Study will move to noon SLT, and our mid-day service will start at 1pm SLT.  Compline will continue to be held at 6pm SLT.  Our weekday services will now commence at 3pm SLT.

Starting NEXT Saturday, March 14, our Saturday Discussion Group will begin at noon SLT, and the Saturday worship service will begin at 7pm SLT.

THEN… on Sunday, March 29, the UK and Central Europe will commence DST.  At that time, our Bible Study will move back to its 11am start time, and the mid-day service will move back to its noon start time.  The weekday worship will also resume its 2pm start times.

On Saturday, April 4, the Discussion Group will resume its 11am SLT start time.

Since the Saturday worship service is geared to the Pacific Rim region, on April 4 the start time for this service will change to accomodate the move to Standard Time in this area.  Therefore, the Saturday service will move its start time to 8pm SLT.

Yes, it is all very confusing!  I will update the service times on the Cathedral board as these changes take effect, and you can also check the calendar on the Community Bulletin Board for the most current service times.  As always, the service and event times will be updated on the Services for this Week page of this blog, and you will continue to get inworld group notices of each week’s schedule.

Then in the fall, we get to do this all over again!  Such are the challenges of a world-wide community such as this.  I think I will go lie down now…



One thought on “Time changes ahead!

  1. And a well deserved rest it will be!

    Thank you, Cady, for sorting all this out!

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