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Discussion “Fun to summarize!”

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Saturday Discussion
February 21, 2009

[2009/02/21 12:32]  Arundel Dragonash: This discussion is going to be fun to summarize!

In the interest of staying current with the summaries, I am skipping a few of the unreported weeks.  Last week, our discussion took one of its more erratic paths, and I knew that discussion would be fun to present to you!  Remember that these topics are discussed openly, with questions that are generated out of curiosity, and answers that are given that show respect to all present.  We are none of us experts in all — or even any– of these topics, but all of us are valuable to the discussion!

The introduced topic this week was the BBC program “Around the world in 80 Religions.”  From this beginning, the discussion proceeded through …

  • The need for progression for a religion to survive
  • Progression  with conservatism in the Anglican Church
  • What is “Anglican” in Church?
  • Some history, and some comparisons
  • Chastity until Marriage movement
  • The most recent Octuplet birth
  • Can the world sustain continued population growth?
  • Common sense
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Other gods
  • Disfunctional Families in Mythology and the Bible(at about this point, came the comment quoted above!)
  • Sin
  • SL as the Afterlife

Are you curious to know the deatils?  Join us in Second Life on Saturdays at 11am SL Time (U.S. Pacific Time).  Or you can join the discussion here, and make your own details!

God’s Peace!
Anne Arundel (:Dragonash)


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