The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Saturday Discussion Jan 17th 2009

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One of our regulars brought a dilema to our discussion this week: his friend was participating in the dark world of vampire role play.

Dilema? What is problematic about role play?

One of the group compared it to “an elaborate game of tag.”

Who does Role Play hurt? Anyone?

Does some Role Play encourage participants to turn away from God?

Is it fair to compare belief groups like the approximately 200 Christian Groups in SL, to Role Play groups that number in the thousands in SL?

Are role play groups best described as a form of theater, and represent apples to the oranges of religious identity?

As is so often the case, we got ourselves around to the nature of the avatar, and the undeniable connection between the avatar and the person at the keyboard. Given that connection, can an action of one’s avatar (a “cartoon”) be categorized as “sin”?

To conclude, we spent time considering various ways “to offset the evangelism efforts of some of the darker activities and organizations here in SL.”

As you can see our discussions usually ask more questions than they pronounce answers. Each week is unique, as the questions swirl around and through our Second Lives, making connections between us as Christians and friends.

We look forward to you joining in!

God’s peace,

Anne Arundel (Arundel Dragonash)


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