The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

My Hope for the Church

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From Revd Mark Brown:

last-serviceToday I led my final 12 noon service in the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life. After 18 months the time has come to hand the leadership onto others. This decision was a hard one and brought about through a change in work circumstances. I have become very fond of the service and have loved serving those from around the world who worship within the virtual Cathedral.

And as mentioned by Cady in a previous blog post I will be starting a new service! In a couple of weeks I will start the sixth service specific for those in the Asia/Pacific area. More news to follow.

At my last 12 noon service I preached about my hope for the church which grew out of my concern of the slowly eroding influence of the church in the West. The churches message is still as fresh and as deeply relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. And without a doubt we continue to have something important to offer society. So it is with this conviction that I shared my hopes for the church and for the Cathedral of Second Life.

To listen to the short message press play below.

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Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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