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The Digital Revolution and the Church

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the-digital-revolution-and-the-churchRev Mark, Priest in Charge of the Anglican Community in SL, has written a paper entitled, ‘The Digital Revolution and the Church‘, in which he outlines the characteristics of the phenomenal internet driven digital revolution presently sweeping the globe.  He particularly focus on how it is affecting human behavior, which offers some insights into how we as a church might need to respond.  The opening paragraph reads,

There is a revolution sweeping across the globe, driven by the massive growth of the internet and internet related technologies.  Known as the Digital Revolution it is on par with other great global shifts such as the Agrarian Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. And it is completely changing the landscape of how we communicate, how we influence, how we relate.  This isn’t simply about coming to grips with a new technology to assist us in our work, but requires of us a fundamental shift in our processes, our structures and approaches.  If we don’t respond then as Eric Hoffer states, we will find ourselves, ‘beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.’

To read the rest of the paper CLICK HERE.


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

One thought on “The Digital Revolution and the Church

  1. a couple things I keep wondering about wrt online church:
    — what to do about communion
    — do you have office hours for pastoral care

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