The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

In celebration of the ordination of the Rev. Mark Brown


priesting-invitation1Please join us in celebrating the ordination to the priesthood of the Rev. Mark Brown!  This event will take place on Saturday, November 22, at 2 p.m. (that is local time in New Zealand, so it may well have already happened by the time you read this!).  Your prayers are invited for him on this special day and for his future ministry work.

A celebratory reception will be held for him within Second Life, at the Anglican Cathedral, on Tuesday, November 25, at noon Second Life Time (SLT, which is the same a Pacific Standard Time).  A video of the ordination service will be shown at the reception, and also posted to this blog.

You are also invited to post your thoughts, prayers and general good wishes for Mark in the comments section below!


4 thoughts on “In celebration of the ordination of the Rev. Mark Brown

  1. Big congrats, Mark!!!!

  2. Holy and living God
    you call men and women
    to bring us your creative and redeeming Word.
    Equip your people
    for their work of ministry
    and give to this your servant,
    now to be ordained,
    the gifts of grace he needs.

    – from A New Zealand Prayer Book

  3. Wishing you well on your priesting Mark. May God bless you and guide your future ministry.

    Thank you for your ministry among us.

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