The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Beginners Guide to Sainthood.


Throughtout the history of the church there have been great Christians that have impacted their communities and have maintained an amazing relationship with God amidst the challenges of life. Some call them saints. In this short message Rev Mark shares from Matthew 5 hot tips on living an amazing Christian life. A message just for you.


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

4 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Sainthood.

  1. Welcome Hos Naidoo,

    I really appreciate your feedback!

  2. Thanks for your message Daria! You are in my prayers sister.

  3. Mark ~
    thanks forthe message. It’s personally timely, also for times in which we live. Thoughtful, yet I appreciate how you don’t let it get too heavy. Just enough and then you step aside so we can hear what God has to say.

    This is my 2nd visit here, quite welcoming. Thanks & blessings to you.

  4. Hmm!
    Yes, Lord! Help me to forgive! May I be a peacemaker, one pure in heart! In Jesus Christ’s Most Holy Name! Amen!
    Great message for me in this season of my Christian walk! Thank you!

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