The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Services for this coming weekend starting Sunday the 12th of October

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You are invited to attend one of our services this coming weekend! To visit the Cathedral in SL click here

Note if you are new to SL click on the link above and you will need to sign up by clicking on the orange box in the top right hand corner. Once inside Second Life click the Search Tab (at the bottom of your screen) and click on the Places tab and type in Epiphany Island. Then finally click on the Teleport button on the right hand side.  This will take you to the Cathedral!

The services for this weekend are:

  • Evening Prayer – Sunday 12 noon – Led by Rev Mark Brown;(Arkin Ariantho) the topic of his sermon is,   ‘Love is all you need, well mostly..’
  • Compline – Sunday 6pm – Led by the Revd Brenda Monroe (Hildeguard Psaltery)

You are also invited to attend the Bible Study led by Sophia Tulip will be held at 11am Sunday at the Conference Center next door to the Cathedral.

These times are SL time which is the same as Los Angeles.  To find out what time this is where you live click here.


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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