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Prayer support on Epiphany Island

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Prayer with or by others is often helpful to us as we navigate the joys and sorrows of life. The Anglican community which meets at the Cathedral on Epiphany Island offer various ways to support people by praying with or for them. Below are the current provisions for prayer support.


During services

Most worship services in the Cathedral have an opportunity for those attending to type prayer requests during a time of open prayer. For those attending who don’t feel confident to offer a prayer themselves, it is always possible for them to send an Instant Message (IM) to the service leader who will offer the prayer on their behalf.  


Prayer cards

At the back of the Cathedral there is the opportunity to post prayer requests on notecards. Others can read the list of prayer requests and can add these to their own prayers. There is also the chance to light a votive candle. Prayer requests may be included during the prayers in worship services.


Prayer partners

Some people choose to meet regularly for prayer in twos or threes. Anyone looking to join such an arrangement can send a notecard to Helene Milena and the details will be listed for others to read. Details may include the times it may be most convenient to meet and possibly how many would be in a group, or anything else that would be helpful to someone choosing to be a prayer partner. The Anglicans in Second Life group is offering this co-ordinating facility but it is up to individuals to arrange prayer partnerships.


One to one

Leaders of services and others are happy to pray with people on a one to one basis. Contacting one of the team while they are in-world by Instant Message may mean being able to arrange to meet straight away, depending on the availability of that person. Otherwise a notecard or IM can be sent when the team member is offline which can be picked up later.  


The service leaders are Arkin Ariantho, Gareth Janus, Hildeguard Psaltery and Helene Milena. Members of the prayer team are Joyous Schism, Charlie12string Lax, Wilfried Ansome and Able Shepherd.


I think this ministry of prayer is very important and I hope that the team involved will grow over time. Anyone else interested in being involved should contact me in the first instance.


Details of the prayer support and prayer partners are available for visitors to the island on our noticeboard to the north of the Cathedral.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

One thought on “Prayer support on Epiphany Island

  1. I hadn’t known about this – thanks for posting it.

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