The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

New Services!


Starting next week there will be two more services offered at the Cathedral taking the total to five per week. The two new services will be at 1pm (SL time – same as Los Angeles) Tuesday and Thursday and will be led by Helene Milena (in RL Ailsa Wright). I welcome Helene to the worship leading team! Please find a brief bio below:

Helene Milena is an active member of her RL church in West Yorkshire UK. She is part of the team taking the church through an interregnum and is involved in leading services, organising weddings and is a member of the church council (PCC) and Deanery Synod.

Ailsa joined i-church (the online community rooted in the Diocese of Oxford UK) in May 2005 when it was just 9 months old. Within a few months she was leading services regularly and has done so ever since. For the past two years she has had responsibility for a small pastoral group (between 14-20 members) in i-church. She will soon complete the counselling training to diploma level that she undertook in order to be better equipped to fulfill this role.

During the interregnum in i-church from August 2007 to June 2008, Ailsa was Lay Chairman of the Council and also shared the Web Pastor’s role with the Assistant Pastor.

Helene Milena joined SL in October 2007 and has since been involved in the life of the Anglican Cathedral, attending worship regularly. She attended the conference on Web 2.0 and Church in Guildford in May 2008 and the Lambeth Fringe presentation which resulted from it.


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

4 thoughts on “New Services!

  1. Hallo my church fellows,iam amember of ichurh.and iwould like to express my sincere gratitude for all that you do for the know words can never be enough to show how someone feels but GOD knows that ido appreciate you servise to the church.LET HIS HILY NAME BE PRAISED.

  2. Thank you, Wilfried.

    I’ve recorded the sermons and put them on my husband’s website. The links are as follows:

    The first link is the sermon from Thursday that you particularly wanted.

  3. Helene gave a truly inspiring sermon tonight, for only the three of us who showed up.

    It was so good I really encouraged her to record it. Hopefully she will. She’s truly gifted at interpreting scripture.

  4. Thanks, Helene, for a great service! I’m very happy there’s another one on at European times.

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