The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Interesting Post and Poll!


The hugely influential and popular blog Out of Ur part of the Christianity Today website, has just posted a piece entitled, The First Church of Second Life: What is the role of real Christians in a virtual world? Check it out by clicking here.

It is also running the following poll: How do you feel about church in Second Life? The present results:

To take the poll click here.


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Post and Poll!

  1. I can’t help myself. I think the article could have advertised more for the Anglican church. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s what *I’ll* do in their comments.

    I’m glad you pointed their article out. It’s good to see “official” non-Anglicans thinking about these things.

  2. I think the blog post tackles the hard questions about “life” in SL head on. My own answer to the poll was the second choice from the top. But the question remains, is our definition of church so narrow that it’s confined to a building that we go to in real life once a week, maybe twice? “Church” is who we are, who Christ called us to be to one another, waking, sleeping, dreaming, playing… in “real life” , in our interactions anywhere and everywhere.

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