The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Mini Lambeth recap


Whew, it’s done! Earlier today, a group of bishops attending the 2008 Lambeth Conference were introduced to the Anglican Cathedral in SL! A team of presenters, headed up by MikeCamel Albert (the Rev. Mike Bursell) delivered a presentation on “Web 2.0 and the Church,” featuring an introduction to our community. The event was sponsored by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Brown (Wellington, NZ) and the Rt. Rev. Christopher Hill (Guildford, UK). Bishop Hill was the host of the Guildford meeting a few months back, at which members of our community met with other Web 2.0 church pioneers to explore this new digital landscape, and discuss how to involve the church in this new frontier now and into the 21st century. Bishop Hill also wrote a wonderful article for the 25 July issue of the Church Times about our Second Life Anglican ministry.

During the presentation, Mike was able to bring the participants in-world and give them a tour of the cathedral and island. The event ended late in the evening UK time, so we do not yet have a full report from Mike, but rest assured that we will share it with you as soon as we can. I did however get a short message from him at the close of the session:

“Very sorry not to have spent more time in-world, but it just didn’t work. lots of support, lots of good questions.”

So the first report is very positive! Yay!!

Also want to give a big shout out to Geo Meek, who produced some beautiful videos of the Cathedral and Epiphany Island for Mike to share during the presentation!


2 thoughts on “Mini Lambeth recap

  1. It is in paper print – the latest edition of the ‘Church Times’. You will find it in prime place right next to the editorial.

  2. I just read the bishop’s article – very good – I hope that it can get into paper “print” at some point.

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