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Recently I conducted a survey about the worship experience at the Cathedral which has provided a heap of very interesting results!

A majority of people recorded that they preferred to attend church in the evening, particularly the 8 till 10pm time slot.

So in the next couple of weeks, four new evening services will be starting and the present weekend services will continue. More details to follow!

People were asked what parts of the service they would like included, which produced the following results:





Set Prayer


Creative and alternative service styles


‘Reflection/Thought for the Day’


Music to listen to


Free time of Prayer




Music to sing to


So an interest in preaching and prayer and not so much singing and confession. So I can assure you we will stay away from singing an Absolution!

And then the question was asked, What style of service do you prefer?



Contemporary with limited formal liturgy


A mixture of traditional and contemporary


Traditional and liturgical


Which is quite affirming to the style we are presently offering.

A number of respondents recorded that they preferred more people involved in the service which could see a reading roster developed in the not too distant future!

And I asked, What media do you prefer is used in the service?20% recorded text chat only, while 5% recorded voice only and 75% stated they wanted both!So fairly clear direction offered.

And an overwhelming number of respondents stated they wanted social interaction after the service, ranging from coffee together to visiting different parts of SL on tours.

So thankyou to those who responded, it has been a huge help in refining our offering.

Rev Mark Brown



Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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