The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Saturday Discussion Group update

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The Saturday discussion group, “Being Christian in SL” continues to be a popular venue for fellowship and conversation at the Cathedral. Recently the topics have ranged from dealing with bias against Christians, the practice of evangelizing in RL and SL, the role of ordained ministry, and the language we use in in discussing/conceptualizing “God.”

It seems that the discussion participants can be broken down into two camps (generalizing broadly). There are those who attend with a desire to share their personal experiences of being Christian, both within and apart from SL. Then there are those who relish the opportunity to explore the wider questions of the use of language in describing our experience of the divine, and wrestling with our theological conceptions of it. In an attempt to accomodate both groups, we will be providing two discussions at the same time. Please come join us in our experiment! You can join in either discussion… or wander between both! There is only one rule we ask participants to follow: show respect for all speakers and their opinions.

The discussion group meets each Saturday at 11 a.m. Second Life Time (SLT). Please join us at the benches to the right of the Cathedral doors in the courtyard. We look forward to seeing you there!


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