The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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The Anglican Cathedral in the News!

Check out these recent articles in the press about the Anglican Cathedral in SL!

Article in “the Wey”, newspaper of the Diocese of Guildford, UK, about the recent meeting there on “Web 2.0 and the Church”

Article on the Sydney Anglican Network website on The Cathedral of the ‘Second Life’.

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Reminder: Research Project on the Anglican Cathedral

“Hi everyone! I’m Moz Barthelmess – in the real world, I’m Tim Hutchings, a student at Durham University in the UK. Mark posted a notice to you about my research a few weeks ago.

I’m here at the Cathedral as part of my PhD study of online churches, and have spent some time attending services and getting to know some of the regulars here. To get a better understanding of the Cathedral and its visitors, I need to talk to as many of you as possible – so at this stage I’d like to ask for volunteers for interviews.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to take part, whether you visit the Cathedral once a year or once a day. If you’d be interested in helping, send me an IM. Thanks!”