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Discussion Group Update

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The following is an update on the Group Discussions on “Being Christian in SL” that are held every Saturday at 11a.m. SLT. Arundel Dragonash, one of the discussion facilitators, gives us a summary of the discussion held on June 7, and a taste of what happens during these very interesting exchanges!

“One never knows where our Saturday discussion will take us! This week, we enjoyed another of our occasional free-wheeling, wide-ranging discussions that included theology, sin, philosophy, science, and feeling welcome at church. And yet, even with all these diverse topics, “faith” served as the common thread.

Not all our discussions become as esoteric as this week’s (thank heavens!). And even as we got carried away, we welcome all who wish to participate in whatever way they wish. Questions are appreciated, because as a facilitator I am all about understanding, and we are happy to explain and clarify. Both questions and comments often serve to nudge the discussion into new and fresh pathways. And just as we happily pause the discussion to give the silent a chance to comment and question, we also happily allow those who prefer to remain quiet and listen to do so.

In other words, we welcome all! Topics are suggested by the group who are gathered when the discussion begins, and can be completely different an hour later. People come and go all afternoon as they wish. Newcomers and returnees are welcomed with an update on the topic at hand. Those who leave are sent on their way with blessings and other good wishes. If this sounds like an interesting way to spend some of your Saturday, please, please join us!

Topics touched upon in just the first two hours of this week’s discussion:

  • Adversarial Christianity and the differences between education toward indoctrination (predetermined choice) and education to inform choices
  • Communities that are open to exploring new ideas and ways of doing things are perceived as more welcoming
  • Two separate ideas of the “ultimate Question”: “How did we get here?” vs. “What is our purpose for being here?
  • Human unity beneath the many labels we place upon each other, and continuing on to the ambiguity of language
  • Discontent and it’s manipulation for recruitment to a cause
  • Sin and its depiction in the Bible
  • Evidence of God

And the discussion continued for over four more hours! ;D”

God’s peace!



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