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Guildford Meeting

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Well here I am in Guildford, its 7am and in a couple of hours I will be attending a very important meeting in the life of the Anglican Church plant in Second Life.

This is from the info pack for the conference:

  • An intimate one day event to focus on the implications of Web.2.0, Second Life and the world of Virtual Church for the Church of England, the Anglican Communion and the wider Church.
  • This table top conference brings together pioneer Web 2.0 practitioners with theological and missional thinkers, cultural observers and ecclesiastical lawyers.
  • The aim is to produce effective ‘apologetics’ material to help project a completely new and emerging area of mission into wider consciousness, backed by understanding and support from more traditional areas of the Church.
  • This event has not been ‘branded’ in any way because those attending come from a range of denominational and other backgrounds. All offer a breadth of input to kick-start production of resources to support an area of ministry which, for many in the Church, is currently hidden from view.

I welcome your prayers!

I will post a full report of the conference in the next couple of days.

Revd Mark (Arkin)


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

One thought on “Guildford Meeting

  1. Prayer that all will go well 🙂

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