The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Meditation Garden

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The landscaping work on the Epiphany grounds is proceeding well. Last night I put the finishing touches on the re-vamped Meditation Garden (on the southeast corner of the island). Since many of you have been asking about it, just thought I’d post to let you know it is back!


One thought on “Meditation Garden

  1. Cady,

    It’s fantastic. I’ve brought a few people there already for a secluded talk or prayer, and it’s so beautiful, peaceful, & calming.

    I like the colors you’ve chosen, it makes the garden look very realistic and has less of the disneyland flavour that you see so much of in SL.

    The way Epiphany island is now laid out makes enormous sense. Main gathering place in a nice open space, where people don’t feel crowded or shut in. Nice, expansive, airy, uncluttered – something you don’t find much in popular SL places, and great for our own purposes.

    When you get into a more private type talk, there are a number of places to scoot off to – each beautifully appointed, peaceful, and set in an environment that encourages thought on deeper things.

    Thanks so much.

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