The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


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Thanks to the generous donation by Hildeguard Psaltery, we now have a labyrinth on (the southwest corner of) Epiphany Island! Hildeguard made a copy of the labyrinth she previously constructed and placed on Support for Healing Island.

Thanks also to Elly Crispien, who assisted me in getting this labyrinth settled into its new home. Elly also donated the lovely meditation chapel that now graces the south shore of the island. So, a big round of applause for both of these very talented ladies!

Plans are moving forward for the rest of the land redevelopment, as my schedule allows. I have started construction on a new meditation garden, in the southeast corner, and will continue on with the landscaping. Thanks to all for your prayers and support for me, and the rest of the leadership team, as we work to enhance this lovely environment for the work of this ministry and the glory of God!



One thought on “Labyrinth!

  1. Cady, all I can say is WOW! I walked the labyrinth this morning and it was an a very peaceful and spiritual experience. I especially like how after getting so close to the center I ended up back by the beginning of my journey again, only to once again make progress towards the center! So much like real life.

    The fireflies are a really nice touch in the seating area. Your attention to details really makes the island a special place!

    I look forward to seeing the continued development of the island and to using the new chapel for worship!

    I also join with you in thanking Elly and Hildeguard for their generous donations time and “materials” to enhancing the island!

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