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Christian Mission to a Virtual World Paper


In May I am heading off to the UK for a meeting hosted by the Bishop of Guildford that will discuss in some detail the Anglican ministry in SL. I have written a background paper for the meeting, ‘Christian Mission to a Virtual World’ that can be downloaded by visiting my blog by CLICKING HERE.

Revd Mark Brown


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “Christian Mission to a Virtual World Paper

  1. Mark, thanks for this paper, I think you represent the cathedral very well here, and I am impressed with your heart for this ministry as evident in this paper.

    I’m also very happy that the paper openly admits some of the issues here which are most open to question, i.e. jurisdiction. It is very healthy indeed that we recognize our position with regard to the larger church and not pretend to have brought questions to closure which still need to be addressed, instead of asserting autonomy or claiming a jurisdictional authority ourselves.

    I also enjoyed your insightfulness in finding the quote in “The Mission Shaped Church” regarding network ministries & territoriality in relationship to the wider church: “Some have volunteerd codes of conduct that will return Christians attempting to transfer, to their present churches. As such they seek not to trespass on parish, but to be different from it.”

    I wish you the best with your presentation, and am happy with the fruits of your thoughts: that in better understanding what our mission is, we will be able to more fully engage in it.

  2. Thanks Cady! As Chair of the Leadership Team you play such an important role in the development of this mission.

  3. Fabulous paper, Mark! A great overview of what we are doing, and where we see ourselves heading. Prayers for a very successful meeting in May!


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