The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Cathedral Leadership Team Report


The Anglican Cathedral Leadership Team met last Saturday, to catch up with one another, share ideas and work toward our organizational goals. It was a great meeting, with lots of creative energy and loads of exciting plans!

Arkin opened the meeting by sharing his networking and promotional activities on behalf of the Cathedral. He had spent a good part of the day attending the Metaverse U Conference in SL, sponsored by Stanford University (which he blogs about here). He also shared his plans to make an in-world presentation for an upcoming conference sponsored by

Snerbert Sands reported on his fundraising plans on behalf of the community. His goal is to raise $500,000 USD, in order to fund a three-year budget for the Cathedral. This would go toward financing a full-time Cathedral staff, as well as covering the operating expenses and technological infrastructure of the Cathedral. His plan is to approach charitable trusts and foundations that are looking for an opportunity to engage in the use of emerging technology platforms to promote Christian ministry and evangelism.

MikeCamel Albert was unable to attend, but he did send us a report on his work with the Ecclesiastical Law Society (ELS). He is in discussions with ELS officials regarding the process of forming guidelines for our organizational structure, to help ensure recognition by, and acceptance of, this ministry by the wider Anglican Communion. Mike has prepared a draft of a proposed constitution for the Anglicans in Second Life (AISL) Group, and has invited input on this document from the Leadership Team members.

Matters of governance within the AISL Group, as well as within the Leadership Team itself, were discussed. We are working towards defining the specific roles of each Team Leader. We also discussed plans and procedures to help bring interested AISL members into more active roles within the community. Some ideas for these roles include service leaders, events coordinators, Bible Study leaders, and discussion group facilitators. Community members who have an interest in exploring opportunities for greater involvement in the work of the Cathedral are encouraged to contact a member of the Leadership Team.

Several ideas for development of the space on Epiphany Island were discussed, including:
* a cafe space for people to meet and mingle
* an art space, to be curated by the Episcopal Church and Visual Arts in SL (ECVA-SL) Group. This may be combined with the cafe space.
* a performance space
* a conference center
* a labyrinth (Hildeguard Psaltery has created one elsewhere in SL, and has offered to place a copy on Epiphany). This will be integrated into a proposed re-design of the Meditation Garden and surrounding area.

And last, but certainly not least… a big shout out to Zasa Rossini, owner of La Belle Vie Furniture & Accessories for a More Beautiful Life. She has become a good friend and benefactor to our community, and has graciously offered to donate several of her beautiful creations to the development of Epiphany Island. Please join me in giving her a big round of applause!


9 thoughts on “Cathedral Leadership Team Report

  1. I am very excited to see the excellent ideas that the Leadership Team is discussing and implementing! I have regularly attended the Sunday evening service led by Hildeguard, and the island and the people I have met there and through the relationships I have formed there have become a critical part of my Second Life experience!

  2. Labyrinth! Yay!

  3. Hi Wilfried,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. We really appreciate hearing from the community! Actually, all of the things you mention have been items of discussion within the Leadership Team.

    Since we are doing a “new thing” here in SL, we are discovering all the pitfalls as we go along. We are working on compiling a set of rules which will be given to people as they arrive, so that they know what is expected of them in regards to their behavior, particularly during worship services. I also have some plans to reconfigure the courtyard square a bit, to help move the socializing area further from the entrance to the Cathedral, which will hopefully help define the separate areas. As part of our land re-development, we are planning some new social areas, which we hope will help foster fellowship and community building. We are very hopeful that they will be lively places!

    Regarding the issue of “spiritual leader role playing,” this is something that we are very much aware of. The members of the Team always make it a point to check in with people wearing clerical (or religious) garb, and if it turns out that they are not entitled to wear such clothing in Real Life, they are requested to not do so at the Cathedral, as that tends to confuse people as to what our purpose and mission is in SL. I expect that such a provision will be part of the rules which we will compile for visitors.

  4. I think it would be nice if the cathedral could be kept a quiet place, reserved for prayer, outside of service times.
    In many church traditions, those who wish to talk and discuss things first leave the church building before talking, allowing those who want to remain in silent prayer to do so without distraction.
    Usually though, services end with people standing up, and then talking in place, before leaving the cathedral, so the chat space is full of messages, which is rather distracting.
    Couldn’t people be encouraged to first move out into the courtyard before socializing?
    It might also help to have some simple rules posted – i.e., when in the cathedral, to remain quiet for the purpose of silent prayer – to keep walking around to a minimum, etc., so when we encounter people who are doing these things, we can politely point out that the cathedral’s inner space, when not used for services, is dedicated to silent prayer.
    A separate space to meet & mingle – at the moment the cathedral square seems to work very nicely. I notice also that the alm church has a cafe and an open square, and it seems mostly everyone hangs out in the open square. In a way this makes sense – it’s also the first place people see when they tp, and instantly shows newbies where the “people” are if there are any. I’d guess that it would be difficult getting people all the way over to a café, and that it would rarely have sufficient people present to be fun – while the cathedral square, immediately accessible, makes a very nice “sticky spot,” people more likely to stay & congregate.
    We’re also getting a lot of people who like “spiritual leader role playing” and appear in & around the cathedral in vestments when they have not yet dedicated their lives to God in the manner that the vestments signify. Would it maybe be appropriate to ask people to only wear vestments if they are are appointed by the cathedral to do so, or if irl or in another sl ministry which is recognized by the cathedral, that they also are supposed to wear vestments? Even in role-play, things have significance – and it’s sort of “breaking role play” if you take things lightly and allow the wearing of vestments to simply mean, “I decided I look nice in a chasuble today.” We probably couldn’t “check” everyone, but like communion, simply having a rule, which the frequent church-goers know about, will lower the number of cases where this is abused.

  5. Good on all of you! Thanks for the effort.

  6. Thanks team for all your efforts.

  7. Thanks for that Clay! Really appreciate that.

  8. Hi guys

    I just want to encourage you in the direction you are going and in your partnership with God and each other. Good on you, Clay.

  9. It’s always interesting to hear about ideas and future plans for the Group. Thanks for posting this, Cady.

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