The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Service to the Lord


shot-of-cath-from-27th-jan.jpgI absolutely love leading services in Second Life, it can be a real buzz with a number of things going on at once. Preparation is key: before the service I organise the liturgy based on Evening Prayer from the Church of England, I write and pre-record my message, and I arrange music. Fifteen minutes before the start of the service I head to the Cathedral and start to greet people as they arrive. I also take that time to send out a final notice letting people know we are about to start. And then it really gets busy. As people arrive I can have 6 things going on a once! People asking about the service, others saying hello, and others seeking a teleport to the Cathedral. I love it!! (See above for image of a service.)

And then usually just after the start time I walk to the front of the Cathedral and commence the service with greetings.

Each attendee has an Order of Service which provides the liturgy, readings and lyrics. I type the liturgy and also say most of it.

me-doing-the-service.jpgWhen it comes to the sermon, I head to the pulpit and my message is streamed in. I use and Winamp. It is very simple to use; I simply press play and about a minute later people can listen to it – wherever they are in the world.

And after the message I usually stream in a song, and people are encouraged to sing along or simply listen. I then lead a time of open prayer. (Image above – me in action at my computer.)

Once the service is concluded, we usually have a time of fellowship.

It is such an amazing experience!

Revd Mark Brown

Deacon in Charge

Anglican Cathedral in Second Life

For more information on the services CLICK HERE

To listen to the latest sermon from Mark CLICK HERE

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Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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