The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Exciting times on Epiphany Island!



The Anglican Cathedral Leadership Team met this past weekend, and we heard much exciting news! Arkin reported that we currently have 50-70 people attending services each week, along with around ten folks attending our weekly bible study.This is a phenomenal number for any church as young as ours, and doesn’t even take into account the many hundreds of visitors we get to Epiphany Island each week, and the community building and evangelism that takes place in these encounters.We are truly blessed to be present to witness this awesome manifestation of Christ’s love in this strange and wondrous new world we are building together!

As a result of this growth, Arkin and the rest of the Leadership Team have agreed that the time has come for us to take things to the next level with regard to the management and development of the Anglican Cathedral in SL.To that end, more of the decision making process is being transferred to the leadership, which we believe will enable us to more fully meet the needs of our community, and give more of us the opportunity to develop our gifts in service to it.

As in all things Second Life, the precise nature of a governance structure in this environment is still in an early stage of its evolution.One thing I can say for certain is that we are all deeply committed to this community, and will do all in our power to see it flourish and grow.We are very open to input from the community, and look forward to having you share your vision of the future with us.I have been honored by the committee with the role of Leadership Chair, and I am eagerly looking forward to working with all of you!

Cady Enoch
Leadership Chair


4 thoughts on “Exciting times on Epiphany Island!

  1. I’m clipping this post to use in a PP presentation to our diocesan synod about using the full potential of internet communication. If I can latch onto some wifi I’ll try for a live link as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m happy it’s you, Cady, you’re a great builder AND welcomer.

  3. Hi Moz,

    Glad you were able to attend, and welcome to the community! Thanks for your good wishes as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

    To clarify, up until now, Arkin was the only person authorized to make decisions (although he did seek advice and input from others). What we have now decided to do is to spread things out a bit amongst the various members of the Leadership Team, so that no one person is unduly burdened by having to keep track of it all. The team will come together on a regular basis to discuss what is going on at the cathedral, bring forward ideas and suggestions from the community, and make decisions as a body.

  4. Hi Cady

    It was great to come to the Cathedral last weekend for the first time – congratulations on your new job.

    Can you clarify what you mean by decision making passing to the leadership? Who made decisions before?

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